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Work has been published by wire services, newspapers and magazines in the U.S., Belgium, Canada, Germany, Great Britain and Korea, and is widely featured in textbooks. It has been featured in advertising, annual reports, brochures, catalogs, films, television, multi-image presentations and Internet applications.


National Press Photographers Association

Women's Institute for Freedom of the Press


Newspapers and Magazines


Commercial Companies

The Advocate

Blackside Inc.

Addison - Wesley

The APA Monitor


Bain and Company

American Psychologist

Cambridge Documentary

Boston Medical Center

Associated Press

Envision Corporation

D.C. Heath

Boston Business Journal

Folkways Records

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The Boston Globe

German Public Television

E.F. Hutton

The Boston Globe Magazine

London Scientific Films

Faulkner Breast Center

Boston Magazine

MCA Universal

Fenway Cmty. Health Center

The Boston Phoenix

RKO Nederlander

Fleet Boston Financial

The Buffalo Evening News

PBS /Body and Soul

Fox Relocation Management

The Christian Science Monitor


The Gerontology Institute

Der Spiegel

WBZ - Boston

Greenhouse Direct

Dollars and Sense

WETA - Washington

Harper Collins

Gay Community News

WGBH - Boston

Health Dialog

Harvard Magazine

Houghton Mifflin

In These Times

Non Profit Companies

La Bonne Maison

The Jewish Advocate


John Wiley and Sons

Ms. Magazine

AIDS Action Committee

Little Brown

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

Alzheimer's Association

Lotus Development Corp

NY Sunday Times Magazine

Boston Foundation

Massachusetts General Hospital

New Age

Boston Human Rights Cmsn.



Boston Women’s Healthbook

McDermott /O'Neill

The Progressive

Conservation Law Foundation

Medical Foundation

Quincy Patriot Ledger

Grassroots International

New England Deaconess

Rodale Press Inc.


Prentice Hall


Harvard University

Random House

South End News

Intl Phys to Prevent Nuclear War


The Tab Newspapers

JFK Library Foundation

Sierra Club Books


Multicultural AIDS Coaltn.

Simon and Schuster

Technology Review

Natl Endow.for Humanities

South End Press

TV Guide

Natl Org. for Women

Time Life Books

United Press International

Simmons College

Trigen Energy Corp.

Women's Sport and Fitness

Victory Programs

Twayne Publishers

Z Magazine

Wellesley College

Wainwright Bank


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